Below are a few of the Android apps that we have created.

We create all our apps from the ground up using our own cource code and screen layout designs. As we create our own menus. We try to stick to Google's own design philosophy when creating our apps.

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We develop apps to a very high standard for our clients. We only develop applications that helps clients run their business more smoothly and efficiently. We also develop some applications for fun, just because we can

Weather Widget/Live wall paper
Android widgets

We can develop widgets and even live wall paper. We try our best to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

The widget in the screen shot above uses the Google weather API to supply the widget with a current plus 3 day weather forecast. This was one of our first widgets, it was a nice widget to create as we also ingetrated Googles text to speech technology and animation as well.

Invoicing on the move
Android invoicing

Our best selling software package Simply Invoice V2 and SE is used my thousand of businesses all aroung the world to help them run their businesses more smoothly and efficiently. We decided to develop Simply Invoice AE (Android Edition) for our customers on the move. Customers can go on the road selling their stock to customers, and when the transaction is complete it appears in the invoice list in their Windows software package. Both the Android application and Windows program manipulates an MySQL online database.

Menus and layouts
Android design work

You will find that a lot of Android developers like to use free off the shelf menus and layouts. We actually enjoy designing and developing our own screen layouts and sliding menus systems from scratch. We share (give away) our menu systems to other developers on the internet royalty free. That way other developers can use our great creations in their own Android applications.

Customer signature app (Proof of delivery)
Android stock control

This app is designed for delivery companies for both their and their customers peace of mind. This app allows the delivery driver to take the customers signature and when that happens the signatures GPS position is also noted.

As the delivery driver is getting the customers signature, the GPS position of the signatures location is also being stored. Once the delivery driver has collected the signature of the customer and the customer has received the package, the signature and Google map location image where the signature was taken are instantly uploaded directly to the database ready for the next delivery. All the data is then instantly available for head office or the sender of the package to view.

Unlocator DNS service
Android stock control

Every device connects to the internet has an DNS address. You are in fact using one right now to view this page. By using the Unlocator DNS service on your device, you can infact remove the geographical restrictions that can be places on your device by the DNS setting. We created an automatic IP address update app that contacts the Unlocator servers at regular intervals (every x minutes). This app guarantees that if you do not have a static IP address at your location, the Unlocator online servers will always be up to date.

Stock control system
Android stock control

We were asked to design an Android based stock control system that connects to a clients MySQL in house database. The challenge here was to design and fully implement the application within 4 weeks.

We finished the project with just a few days to go and the client was more than happy with the results. It helped that we managed to implement our newly designed menu system and screen layouts into the clients project, that saved us a few days worth of development time.

Integration with web applications and websites
Andoid networking

This app allows the user to ask questions to the general public and quickly send their responses back to an online database server. The data can then be collated and made available for analysis at a later date.




We make sure that your interaction with your bespoke Android app is simple enough for anybody to use.


We can connect your Android application to MySQL, MSSQL, PostGreSQL and SQLite databases.

In house Development

All our projects are developed in house. We do not out source your project to developers that we do not know.