Android app developers

Simply Software specialise in developing bespoke Android business applications for phone and tablet devices.

From database driven applications to CSV, XML or JSON data feeds, we can create your perfect custom Android application solution.

We have been developing software for businesses since 2006. With our large customer base and expertise in software development, we can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently with a bespoke Android application.

Android app developer

Database solutions

We can create database driven applications specifically designed to help you run your business from a phone or tablet more smoothly and efficiently.

XML & JSON data feeds

These days live XML and JSON data feeds are being used more by suppliers and websites to supply fast and accurate up to date information.

Business applications

Custom business applications from widgets to stock control solutions to invoicing and data management can help your business flourish.

Welcome to Simply Software, bespoke Android app developers.

Simply Software are Android app developers that creates Android applications to help businesses run more efficiently. We are based in Birmingham, West Midlands and have been developing custom software solutions for clients for many years.

From Android applications to live information widgets, we can create, test and deploy your bespoke Android application for you in your alloted time period. We always deploy your Android application on time and more importantly on budget.

If you have sales staff that work away from the office, we can create your perfect mobile application solution just for your business requirements.

Having your bespoke Android application developed specifically for your business can be relatively inexpensive and extremely simple to integrate. From CSV, XML or JSON data feeds to SQLite, MSSQL or MySQL databases, with information from yourselves and by studying the way that your business works, we can convert your thoughts into a fully integrated Android application solution within your alloted period of time.

Being able to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality is exactly what we specialise in. From apps to widget and even cross platform data information sharing, with our help you can have your own app running on any Android phone and tablet device.

Stock control via Barcodes or NFC Tags:
Android Barcode and NFC apps

Barcode Scanner and NFC (Near Field Communications) hardware.
We have created extremely simple but effective solutions for utilising both Bluetooth barcode scanners and NFC technologies. Most of our Android solutions are developed around MySQL databases, but we can connect to any database solution that is require. We have developed both barcode and NFC Tag stock control systems for clients and we are able to take your ideas and turn them into reality. We enjoy developing stock control systems that are requre to help yiou run your business run smoothly.


Bluetooth connectivity - Working whilst on the move:
USB to RS232 Serial port

Connect Your device wirelessly to Bluetooth hardware.
Bluetooth is a great way to connect your Android phone or tablet to low energy devices like Bluetooth barcode scanners or mobile Bluetooth receipt printers. Working wirelessly whilst on the move in a warehouse for example is nothing new. We can create you an Android powered stock control app that will easily meet or better still surpass your expectations when it comes to warehouse stock control management systems.

Customer management and stock control whilst on the move and not in your work space has never been an easy task and a solid platform to work with until now. We create apps that you can use in front of your customers but whilst you are at your customers work place, our apps manipulates online databases to manage customer accounts and stock control whilst on the move.

Quotes, Invoicing, Job Tracking and batch Tracking applications:
Invoicing and EPoS solutions

Productivity solutions.
We can create secure invoicing apps, job tracking apps, batch tracking apps, stock control apps and much more. We can also create apps that works in conjunction with online Databases or built-in SQLite Databases solution for your Android device. We can and have in fact integrated an online database solution to power three completely different platforms. These three platforms are Android, Windows and Browser based internet solutions all working together at the same time in perfect harmony. This allows for multi user multi experience enviroments but the end solution is always the same, a smooth running Android application that you will enjoy using.


USB to RS232 interface control systems:
USB to RS232 Serial port

USB to RS232 controller (Wired hardware interface).
An RS232 communication serial port allows computers (Integrated Circuits) to easily communicate with external hardware devices or machinery, this can include printers, plotters, EPoS equipment, industrial machinery or even smaller home hobby kits. We can create applications that communicate between Android devices and physical RS232 hardware to control how that hardware operates. An RS232 port allows for 2 way communications between your device and the physical hardware that it is connected to. Over the last 10+ years RS232 has been superseded by both USB and Bluetooth connectivity systems.


Live interactive on screen widgets and Background services:
Widgets, XML and JSON data feeds

Widget for displaying information.
Widgets can be a very useful tool for displaying live data or any useful information. We have created widgets that manipulates both JSON, CSV and XML data feeds from online suppliers of accurate information to using widgets to update online databases with new up to date information.

If you need an app developing to send information to a server without any user intervention, then services are the way to go. Services are apps that run in the background and work without any input from the user carrying the Android device. Services can be used for updating databases with all kinds of information.

Android development...

Google Android Operating Systems

Android is an Operating System (OS) developed by Google for mobile devices, these devices includes mobile phones, tablets, watches, cars, fridged, washing machines etc.

Android Home Widgets

Widgets are applications that runs directly on your device home screens. Widgets can be anything from toggle switches to views that displays live data or useful information.

Android Play Store

Applications or apps for short is a program that can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or any other electronic device with an OS (Operating System).

Android Play Store

Databases are designed to offer an organised mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information. Databases utilises information through the use of tables.

Android Play Store

Native Java:
Androids apps and widgets are assembled in Java. Deploying application to clients is as easy as emailing a single APK setup file that clients can then install on their device.

We cover the West Midlands including Birmingham, Dudley, Kidderminster, Coventry, Coleshill, Cannock, West Bromwich, Warwick, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Redditch, West Heath, Walsall, Stourbridge, Stratford, Solihull, Nuneaton, Oldbury, Knowle, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Rugby, Lichfield. We also cover cities including Stafford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Preston, Wigan, Stockport, Stoke-On-Trent, Macclesfield and all surrounding areas.

A bespoke Android application does not have to be expensive to build...